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Best Way To Change Your BVN Name, Date Of Birth, And Phone Number

Best Way To Change Your BVN Name, Date Of Birth, And Phone Number

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an 11 digit unique identification number used to verify and validate the bank account owner
to know your customer (KYC).

How To Change Your BVN Details Online

Fallow post step by step to know how to change my bvn information

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This method is by sending your Information and statement of the problem( the correction o you want to make) to BVN client emails Address [email protected]

For example if you won’t change your phone.

How To Update My BVN Phones

Go to your email and write your receiving  email address To: [email protected]

Write CHANGE BVN PHONE NUMBER as email Subject
Write I lost my bvn phone number as a result of my phone being stolen, I need change my phone number.

Here are my details:


First Name: Sqhub

Last Name: The hub of occasions

Bank Enrolled BVN: UBA Bank

Date of birth: 22-09-1960

Old phone number: 08060000000

New phone number: 07020000000 as your email compose

Then Upload your NIN slip or voters card or slip and any proof of evidence (that references your problem) if it’s a change of date of Birth add a declaration of Age in attached if it’s a change of name add a court declaration and news paper with name change placed at a newspaper

And send

Make sure your NIN or voter card details are the same as BVN details

After a few days you find your problem was fixed

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